A classic Italian cocktail... in a can.

Hugo is a sophisticated blend of sparkling wine and seltzer infused with subtle notes of elderflower and a dash of lime.
It’s simple blend of classic flavours has made it an Italian icon.

A blush pink semi-sparkling wine... in a can.

Rosato is an Italian-style semi-sparkling rosé. Enjoy this captivating, lightly sparkling blush pink wine with an intense flavour, balanced by subtle fruitiness on the palate.

A lightly sparkling white wine... in a can.

Secco is a scintillating semi-sparkling white wine with a difference. Made for lovers of sparkling wine, Secco features notes and an effervescent finish that dances on the palate.


HAUS has created fruit-flavoured wines and cocktails for new generation wine drinkers on-the-go. We pride ourselves on the quality of our wines and making wine more accessible. With all the variety you would ever want from your favourite wines and more our Hugo, Rosato and Secco are the perfect companion for spontaneous adventures. Just chill, pop open and enjoy!

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